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Slave to the System – Slave to the System

Label: Eagle Rock Ent.
Format: CD
Released: 2006
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

As their bio states, this debut release from Scott Rockenfield, drums for Queensryche and former Ryche guitarist Kelly Grey, joined by former Brother Cane guitarist Damon Johnson also on vocals and Roman Glick on bass, "we wanted to make music without knowing what to expect and with boundaries left open". How true that is as songs range influences from Audioslave on the title track with vocals that remind of Gavin from Bush while still including a guitar solo, to Tool type riffing for the opener 'Stigmata'.


The music is nothing like Queensryche, well maybe post Degarmo, or Brother Cane’s traditional hard rock, nothing progressive or obviously commercial. It has a definite modern sound to the guitars and artistically is geared for American rock radio, the un polished production is such a part of the overall presentation. The 'Abyss' with its Seattle Pearl Jam fell is accompanied by some subtle orchestration to bring out the soul of the ballad. I also hear some Soundgarden in the more aggressive songs and Chris Cornell’s tone in many of the vocals.

It's decent stuff, not anything I will be playing again I bet, but may appeal to fans of the direction Queensryche went in the last few albums.

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