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Domain – Stardawn

Label: Limb Music
Format: CD
Released: 2006
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Domain’s debut "Lost in the City" was released in 1987 with Axel Ritt handling guitar/backing vocals from the band’s beginning, producer duties since 2001. Now I am more than familiar with melodic Euro Power Metal and somehow I have missed these guys. Maybe they should be a little more successful than they became? I don’t know.


Domain mix sounds of all the German melodic bands like some Gamma Ray, Edguy (example: ‘Crystal Stone Island’) but more so overall Axel Rudie Pell (on ‘Help Me Through the Strom’) and Pink Cream 69 to create their style.

Domain vary these songs trying to keep their music interesting and not repetitive incorporating various sounds from hard rock music.

You will hear Queen inspired backing vocals melodies on ‘Temple of the Earth’ with a Meat Loaf pompous theatrical influence for ‘Don’t Pay the Ferryman’. ‘I Aint No Hero’ is carried by the piano and vocals delivered with heart in the spirit of Virgin Steele’s David Defeis. Now while Domain have a European sound, ‘Headfirst Into Desaster’ is different using a bluesier almost ZZ Top kind of riff and beat with a keyboard guitar trade off of solos. ‘Shadowhall’ is a twenty five minute seven part epic.

The Ltd. 2CD/DVD Digipak includes a Best Of CD and a 90 minute DVD with interviews, TV + tour docu plus live clips from Korean Busan festival.

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