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Tristwood - The Delphic Doctrine

Label: Sound Riot Records
Format: CD
Released: 2006
Reviewed By: The Goat

Holeeeeeeeee cows. Every so often there comes along an album that just kicks my gluteus maximus.

Tristwood's "Delphic Doctrine" is the one that is currently doing that. I am utter aghast and in awe at the unbelievable nature of this album. What a sound they have created for themselves. They mix death metal, black metal, industrial, techno, middle eastern-esque, and who knows what else. This is NOT for the faint of heart.


There is something astral about their sound. It is more like what the Cthulu of Lovecraft's Mythos might listen to at an all night rave. This is Rave Music from the Lower Depths. It is either that or it is The Borg (from Star trek fame) Party favorites. I can easily see them, blasting Tristwood, Axis of Perdition, Myrkskog, and Anaal Nathrakh as they destroy all who oppose them. A cataclysmic kegger, as it were.

The techno-like beats are imposed upon a blastbeat. This in itself is not anything entirely new, but what a freakin' wallop Tristwood gives it. I tell you, this beast of an album is gonna ruin me for other music.

I just can't believe how good this album is. The stand out track for me is ‘By the Call of Seth - Invocation of the God of Blood and War’. The techno-esque rhythm caught my attention, the juxtaposition of the other extreme elements with that, well it kicked my buttocks into my skull and back down again. They deliver a complex whirling wall of sound that is also reminiscent of Nile.

Ironically, the blastbeats are all down by a drum machine, which explains the inhuman intensity of them. There are only occasions where this is apparent but this quickly fades as you become drawn into the ripping tide that Tristwood delivers with impeccable ease.

This is the soundtrack for Chaos and the end of all things…

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