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Callenish Circle – Pitch.Black.Effects

Label: Metal Blade
Format: CD
Released: 2006
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Similar to other Swedish bands like In Flames to the more experimenting sounds of Darkane on a track like 'Schwarzes Light', Callenish Circle have been releasing music about ten years (fourth on this label). Bringing them to this point on Metal Blade sees their range expanding a bit more while staying still old school Swedish Thrash ('Sweet Cyanide'). Vocals are pretty much barked but not nearly as difficult to discern as the extreme Death Metal like a Cannibal Corpse, musically its very different as well so don’t be mislead by my comparison. Several moments of keyboard and sound effects (ie; 'Guess Again') add to the subtle dynamics both during and at the beginning of several songs.


Musically its pretty straight forward with the delivery but Callenish Circle adds variety and groove to both arrangements and tempos.

There is a specific audience for this style and I know many may not get past the vocals, but give it a listen because there may be something else you might like in the music.

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