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Whitesnake – Live in the Still of the Night

Label: Universal Music
Format: DVD/CD
Released: 2006
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

David Coverdale on vocals, Reb Beach (Winger and Dokken) on guitar, Doug Aldrich (Dio, Hurricane, Bad Moon Rising) on guitar, Tommy Aldrich (Ted Nugent, Whitesnake) on drums, Marco Mendoza (Ted Nugent) on bass, and Timothy Drury (Eagles) on keyboards. With that information alone you should be out buying this DVD but I can’t end a review that easily so….yes given that lineup in this current formation of Whitesnake is nothing short of amazing. The musicianship is so tight and professional that it breathes a re envigored life to the Whitesnake catalogue.


Shot with multiple cameras and digital this is a fantastic performance. Starting off the show with the Deep Purple classic 'Burn' (that also includes a chorus thrown in from 'Stormbringer'), Coverdale made sure that people knew that Whitesnake’s career did not begin and end with the 1987 self titled album. Going back further in time 'Take Me With You' off 1978’s "Trouble" album and the classic bluesy ballad 'Aint No Love in the Heart of the City' from “Snakebite”, to the title track off 1980 "Ready an Willing" is going to give the American fans a serious lesson in Whitesnake’s history. Unfortunately,when Whitesnake toured in the States we did not get these classics and I was happy to finally hear one of my all time favorites performed 'Don’t Break My Heart' off 1981’s “Come and Get It”.

The lead guitar work was mainly handled by Doug and he really goes for it for the instrumental jam 'Snake Dance' while blows apart the solo for 'Crying in the Rain'. Reb also got to show what he was made of on solos for 'Give Me All Your Love' and 'Judgment Day' off the one flashy L.A. hair inspired snake album “Slip of the Tongue” in 1990. Both guitar wizards are in the pocket for the whole show and trade off of solos on the metal slab 'Bad Boys' (which also includes a snipet from 'Children of the Night'). Tommy Aldrich on drums is still as energetic as a bunny and never runs out of steam, Marco adds some soul and Coverdale a touch of the blues.

I was fortunate enough to witness this lineup doing a sound check in New Jersey and they are not joke, the real deal. No smoke and mirrors just years of seasoned talent.

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