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Thyrane – Travesty of Heavenly Essence

Label: Candlelight USA
Format: CD
Released: 2006
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

There are many bands in this genre of symphonic Black Metal, yet this third release by Finaland’s Thyrane while really doing nothing out of the ordinary, caught my ear within the first listen to 'Parasites of Submission'. Similar to Old Man’s Child, Susperia, Hypocrisy and melodic occult metal of that nature as well as Children of Bodom, Thyrane grabbed my interest by incorporating both the symphonic and extreme elements.


Their use and balance between mid paced groove arrangements and splashes of blast beats are very well done, take 'Decay of Christian Empire' as a very good example. Then again something like the title track infuses traditional old school Black Metal riffing into its thrashy attack and dark keyboards, killer stuff here. Something like 'Nox Diaboli' sees some influence from Children of Bodom and how keyboards are incorporated to give the track that Neo classical feel. 'Deteriorated' has a real nice groove and the keyboard just brings out the best of it. Check this one out.

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