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Annihilator – Ten Years in Hell

Label: SPV USA
Format: DVD
Released: 2006
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

It has been a long time since Jeff Waters released his highly regarded technical thrash debut “Alice in Hell”, and viewing this career retrospective including the classic video for 'Alison Hell' off that debut allows the Heavy Metal community to see and hear all the great work Jeff has released since. The title is misleading as the band has been around for longer than ten years and so are some of Jeff’s stories and comments of past members as you will read about later.


Over the course of two discs and 11 studio albums, the set is nicely divided up into chapters starting off disc 1 at the very beginning with the 'Alison Hell' promo video and release party. Aside from other promos like 'Set the World on Fire' (which is one of my favorites), and 'King of the Kill', you get rehearsal footage, promo tour footage, TV appearances, and fan shot live performances from various countries.

Here you also get to see performances with the various lineups for each album and the singers, getting to hear the evolution of Annihilator’s sound. The material only goes up to “Criteria for a Black Widow” and albums past that like “Carnival Diabolus” and even to the latest “Schizo Deluxe” are only commented on but not elaborated on disc 2, even the mention of singer Joe Cameau is absent. The one thing that's a slap in the face is the footage including what appears to be Randy Black on drums where the face is blurred out? Past contributors, I can’t really say members, and/or Jeff must have some unresolved issues.

Disc two is where Jeff Waters gets to sit down and speak about all the Annihilator albums, interviews with past members, along with a look at his start into making music. It’s a rather personal look into Jeff’s life and career and he basically told the fans just enough without turning things into tabloid material.

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