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Edguy – Rocket Ride

Label: Nuclear Blast
Format: CD
Released: 2006
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

I must admit I was a little nervous when Edguy released the “Superheroes” E.P., as it was a do it by numbers effort and why include another song title using either the words Judas or opera? Also, the title track single was even more commercial than 'Lavatory Love Machine'. 'Lavatory' was just fine and had just enough of the L.A. spirit without it losing Edguy’s self.


With “Rocket Ride”, the said E.P. single is included, plus you also get the Warrantish 'Fucking with Fire', a mediocore 'The Matrix', and very lighthearted 'Save Me' which could have been on the MTV’s Top Ten Requested Videos in the late 80’s when Metal ballads were everywhere. A bit too much commercial I think even for Edguy who have always had a radio friendly appeal to begin with.

'Rocket Ride' and 'Wasted Time' have more in common with their traditional style being semi fast and hard. Along those lines of familiarity, 'Catch of the Century' with a similar groove to 'Tears of the Mandrake' and 'Out of Vogue' has the energy of 'Nailed to the Wheel'. 'The Asylum' is an area that I think show Edguy’s true colors with an acoustic beginning into the guitar riff is reminiscent of something heard by Dio, same with the opener 'Sacrifice' with a solid dynamic bridge and classic Heavy Metal.

Compared to “Hellfire Club”, “Rocket” offers a wider smathering of sounds, musical styles and is not the same old same old, the way it should be. The Helloween elements (ie; 'Return to the Tribe') are really toned down and almost absent. The use of various sounds from keyboards also is used throughout many of the tracks adding more textures to their songs than heard before. 'Trinidad' is the one song that is the more eclectic you could say for these Germans in both arrangement and style and may surprise many, think of Bon Jovi’s funny camp fire jam 'Love for Sale'.

Edguy have released their most diverse disc yet with “Rocket Ride”, but from the cartoonish artwork to a rather large dose of an influence from American melodic L.A. bands, are these guys somewhat treading on dangerous waters?

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