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Saxon - Dogs of War (reissue)

Label: SPV
Format: CD
Released: 2006
Reviewed By: Kevin Alba

Saxon’s 1995 album "Dogs of War" has just been re-released. The new version of the album includes some new linear notes from Biff Byford and two bonus tracks, which are live versions of 'The Great White Buffalo' and 'Denim and Leather'.


"Dogs of War" is a solid release and a step back in the heavier direction after the two awesome hard rocking "Forever Free" and "Solid Ball of Rock" albums. However, the best was still to come once albums like "Metalhead", "Killing Ground", and "Lionheart" were released. The three albums just mentioned put Saxon right back up top the traditional metal throne and shows that like fine wine the older they get the better they get.

"Dogs of War" has its moments and is the fork in the road that seperates "Forever Free" from "Metalhead". ‘Burning Wheels’ is a trademark Saxon headbanger while 'Hold On' leans back towards the more hard rocking 80’s sound.

If you are a Saxon fan "Dogs of War" is definitely worth owning but if you are just getting into the band this is not a wise place to start.!

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