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Behemoth - Slaves Shall Serve EP

Label: Century Media
Format: CD
Released: 2006
Reviewed By: Kevin Alba

The great thing about metal bands releasing a single off their latest album is unlike rap/hip hop/pop, it is not just a cash grab. When you pick up an Ep from a metal band it is almost like buying a mini new album. Behemoth’s new "Slaves Shall Serve" EP features tons of great bonus material making this well worth the purchase.


First of all, “Slaves Shall Serve” is one of the strongest songs on their latest release "Demigod" along with 'Conquer All' and the title track. The song is a fury storm of punishment from beginning to end. 'Entering the Pylon of Light' is an awesome tune that has Behemoth’s trademark signature riffing and brutal delivery all over it. It would have been a good addition to "Demigod" but instead it’s one of the main reasons why making the purchase of this EP is worth it.

Two cover songs are represented here, Field of Nephilim’s 'Penetration' and Danzig’s 'Until You Call On the Dark'. Both covers are very well done. Getting some clean vocals on the Danzig cover is something you will barely ever hear from Behemoth.

The EP ends with 'Demigod' and 'Slaves Shall Serve' live from Sweden Rock Fest 2005. As an additional treat you get the ever so evil 'Slaves Shall Serve' music video to watch on your computer. An excellent package here and a great hold over until the next Behemoth album.

Over the past year this band has becoming a major force all over the world and especially here in America touring with the likes of Suffocation, Nile, King Diamond, and Danzig. Watch out for the band this spring as they will be on tour as main support for Morbid Angel, and later this summer will be part of the Sounds of the Underground tour featuring Gwar, In Flames, Cannibal Corpse, Trivium, and more. Having seen this band twice in the last year it is something you don’t want to miss. Bring a neck brace for the day after because there will be headbanging!

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