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Seven Witches – Amped

Label: Regain Records
Format: CD
Released: 2006
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

On Jack Frost’s latest Witches disc he once again has enlisted some new talent to bring his slightly newly directed collection of songs to life. On vocals is former Hades/Non Fiction singer Alan Tecchio, Kevin Bolembach on bass also from Non Fiction, and on drums Jeff Curenton.


Right from the start of the disc you can tell that it’s not your traditional sounding Seven Witches. 'West Nile' does have the recognizeable riffing style Jack has but Alan’s tone gives the music a darker and heavier edge. Still metal, but not as traditional sounding as say the Witche's 'Metal Tyrant' or 'Mental Messiah'. Lyrically is probably the most different element as Alan’s words are mature, realistic and grounded in real life, example; 'Dishonor Killings' about the Muslims and their distorted view on what honor is all about. The music arrangement also will throw some for a loop as it opens with a heavy distorted bass line and a more modern arrangement akin a bit to Disturbed, you can hear it both in the guitar riffing and use of harmonics. Dynamics are also a bit more expansive as piano is used for the ballad 'Be' and also allows Alan to show his less edgy aspect to his tone. 'Fame Gets You Off' sees Alan using a very hardcore sounding vocal delivery while Jack maintains the traditional quality’s with his playing.

The cover of Billy Idol’s 'Flesh For Fantasy' is very different from the original and not a straight cover. 'Sunnydale High' and 'GP Fix' are good old school style riff driven Witches. 'Widows and Orphans' is very influenced by Savatage and could have appeared on the album “Poets and Madmen”. Yes I said it, tell me that piano and vocal melody is not the Tage, even Jack’s guitar playing.

All in all its not what most might expect, its not the same old same old. Jack has really stretched out for “Amped” and he will probably get both praise and hell for it. Its to be expected. I am somewhere in the middle and still getting used to it.

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