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Danzig – Circle of Snakes

Label: Regain Records
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Pendragon

After a bland opening intro, “SkinCarver” opens the album with a traditional Danzig dark riff reminiscent of something from Danzig “I” or “II”.   Danzig's seventh album offers a welcome return to form after much creative dabbling with industrial sounds that colored much of the band's late1990s releases.  Glenn’s previous work in the Misfits and Samhain has defined a death-rock genre and created a dark musical legacy with his namesake band being more doomy in composition and sound. 

As far as Glenn’s voice, it has really lost not a thing in its tone.  It is very distinctive, morbid, mid ranged which we all know is highly recognizable, yet redundant after a while.  As a result, I feel this voice has a tendency to hold back the delivery and mood of some songs.   When Glenn does evoke more emotion within his range it surely gives the music what it needs.  Here… two perfect examples of top shelf doom singers; Eric Wagner from Trouble and Messiah Marcolin from Candlemass.

With “Circle of Snakes”, I like the music to “Hellmask” where it’s a little faster, the riffs are tight and the approach to the tune possesses more movement.  Sometimes these Danzig tunes just have a tendency to drag and I like the music better when it picks up the pace or includes tempo changes.  “When We Were Dead” hits like a Black Sabbath arrangement, and not from the Ozzy era like the uneducated would assume, guitar and drumming recalls Sabbath with Tony Martin on vocals and their darker works during the “Headless Cross” “TYR” period.  Check it out and see what you think.   “My Darkness” hits with heavy cement like riffs with a semi slow beat. 

Doesn’t seem like Danzig has ran out of ideas yet, it’s a solid album for this long time running outfit and I think fans will like what they hear.    

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