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Vader – The Beast

Label: Metal Blade
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Long time Death metallers Vader continue to write and record with full force into the year 2004.  For “The Beast”, precise arrangements with an assault of guitars and drum fills lives up to the title’s name bringing a musical beast to life.  Keeping heavy and extreme, with the production behind the disc the listening experience is extreme without being noisy or muddy.  All instruments are separated and heard well, thought out riffs and guitar melodies carry each death metal march.  Take for example “Dark Transmissions” and "Firebringer”, which find a place for groove and mid pacing instead of traditional blast beats for every song.  


“I Shall Prevail” as with other selections also see things in common with Kreator in its delivery and solos.  Vocals for Vader are in the Death Metal style but not as cookie monsterish as countless others, more audible.  Another quality that Vader use to their advantage if how often they incorporate guitar solos and melodies, separating them from many in the genre. 

“The Beast” shows Vader thinking more about the songs as opposed to how brutal everything is while still maintaining the bite for the beast. 

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