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Cornerstone – Once Upon Our Yesterdays

Label:NMS Music
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

This is the third release from this Danish/British melodic metal band featuring Dougie White, ex singer for Rainbow and Yngwie Malmsteen on vocals.   Both Steen Mogensen on bass/keyboards and Allan Sorensen on drums are former members of Royal Hunt and joining them is Kasper Damgaard ex Mike Tramp’s band (singer for White Lion), on guitars. 


 With very familiar melodies to Joe Lynn Turner era Rainbow, ie; “Passion and Warfare”, as well as getting some influence from the Royal Hunt camp, are elements prominent to their sound.  Production is very good, clear, with clean crunch to the guitars that compliment the smooth vocals from Doogie.   Hard straight ahead rockers kick off the disc with the aptly titled “When the Hammer Falls”.  “Man Without a Reason” is a well sung, bluesy driven ballad with plenty of spirit and heart to vocals, melodies and guitar leads. 

Deep Purple fans, which I’m assuming are most of us, will surely enjoy “20th Century man” which hits like Purple from “Perfect Strangers” ESPECIALLY in that keyboard sound. 

Cornerstone have written a strong collection of Hard Rock/Metal for the year 2004, keeping the spirit and familiar sounds from the 70’s and early 80’s while keeping everything sounding fresh and new again. 

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