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Vox Tempus – In the Eye of Time

Label: Progman Records
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

With rich and soaring melodic vocals and guitars, progressive arrangements, I can see these guys somewhere in the lineup for ProgPower USA for 2005.  Vocals stand out a lot and the focus of the songs are on the clean production and melodic base which caries them.   “Escape” features a hard riff and has a bit of an edge, but I still come back to the voice which really stands out.


Third song in we get the piano ballad “Broken” which now as I listen I know what the voice reminds me of, Styx, and so do the vocal harmonies.  It’s a peaceful tune, I just find its placing odd on the album.  

An instrumental follows along with “Revelations” which keeps things along the same vein as far as tempo.   “What About” is influenced by the sounds of Dream Theater especially with the keyboard breakdown and guitar riff accompaniment.  The musicianship is very good and tight, vocals will definitely appeal to anyone who listens to melodic Hard Rock.   I think what is missing, unlike lets say the band Pagans Mind who Vox Tempus are very similar to, is more of an edge and some power would drive the songs better.  Something like the instrumental “Voice of Time” might offer more. 

It is an enjoyed listening, but I feel in a live setting may get boring and I might want to sit down to see them. 

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