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Blind Guardian – Imaginations Through the Looking Glass

Label: Nems Entertainment/Virgin Music
Format: DVD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

The major focus of this DVD is the concert which was shot in the band’s homeland of Germany at a festival Blind Guardian themselves hosted for two days.  The concert itself is beautifully shot, very sharp picture and colors with multiple camera angels.  The audio was also mixed in 5.1 so it sound fantastic especially when the crowd participation kicks in.  Actually at this point you really can feel the power and majesty that Blind Guardian possesses and why the band is as big as they are. 


Now, I love this band, and I have said this before that I find them one of the most important bands who emerged in the 90’s, and find them legends of the day, following in the footsteps of Maiden and Priest.  Problem is the track selection for the concert.  Over the course of the two day show were two rather different set lists performed and recorded.  Many of those songs have been omitted for the DVD, namely classics like “Time What is Time”, “Welcome to Dying”, “Into the Storm”, “Lost in the Twilight Hall”, “Run for the Night”, and “Journey Through the Dark”.  Also, “Harvest of Sorrow” is such a beautiful ballad, why is it not here?   Even if there were recording or performance issues with these songs and were not recorded as well as they should, at least include them as bonus tracks. 

You do get a few lesser know gems like “Somewhere Far Beyond”, “And The Story Ends”, and “The Last Candle”, but in the end you are only getting half the setlist.  The show was recorded, so why were tracks excluded?  Yes, you get three of them on the second disc but they were not even mixed in 5.1, Tisk, Tisk! 

Along with that, the second disc includes backstage footage from the “Night at the Opera” tour and the making of the Blind Guardian festival.  I don’t know, I’m glad they released this performance for DVD but they really need to get the whole show out there with 5.1 audio.  If they had to include a third disc you know us fans would have bought it. 

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