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Dismember -Live Blasphemies

Label: Sony BMG Music
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Dismember are known as one of the pioneers of Death Metal, a genre of metal that is known for its extreme and brutal sound.  In this live performance from Stockholm, Sweden in May 2003, they live up to this connotation as well as their name, but the level of brutality is less than what most would think.  Let me explain.... The brand of music from these Swedes includes some melody.  You may not hear it in the vocals because they are grumbled and growled.  


In this musically precise performance, you will notice that there is place for melody and structure within the music.  Maiden like leads to rhythmic changes make for a balance in listening, yes the music is heavy and is very aggressive, but is not so constant that it becomes redundant. Yes I must admit for the style arrangements become repetitive, but it is Death Metal and a constant battery is to be expected.  Fans of classic Thrash similar to Kreator or Carcass will enjoy the style of riffs the band plays.

Guitars, drums and bass form a wall of sound which comes across very full, in the audio they are all nicely separated allowing for a clear production. This DVD was mixed so well the two guitar players can be heard on the left and right channels with the drums and symbols in the center channel for the 5.1 mix.

This 2-dDVD set also includes extra footage from USA, Japan, Europe, first ever performance from 1988, biography, images gallery, and more.

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