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Starwood – If It Ain’t Broke, Break It!

Label: Metal Blade Records
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Pendragon

Starwood consists of Lizzy Borden frontman Lizzy along with bassist Marten Andersson for this project that is very different from the Lizzy Borden band, and should be.  Here is no gimmics, stage show, blood or giving anyone the axe.  This band was created with the intention to follow in the footsteps and vibe of 70’s rockers like Cheap Trick with a harder edge.  The music is basic stripped down hard Rock n Roll with some of the sound that the Hollywood scene was famous for during the 80’s Glam/Hair Metal explosion. 


The voice of Lizzy is still recognizeable and is a factor to what makes their sound a little different than the rest of the crop of bands like this today.   They are not as raw as say Brides of Destruction or as modern as Velvet Revolver because Lizzy and the chorus’ add the elements of L.A. and gives the music that familiar feel of the era.   “What’s Your Damage” is an example of this and reminds of something by Love Hate or Bang Tango. 

While I would like to have Lizzy give me the axe once again, it looks like this release will have to hold everyone over with less metal and more rock for your dollar.

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