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Monster Magnet – Monolithic Baby

Label: SPV USA
Format: CD / DVD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Monster Magnet have always offer something different for the Hard Rock/Metal world, creating a 70’s inspired, semi psychedelia, even southern rock n roll.    Just look at their choice in fashion and photography which is different than the norm.  Zakk Wylde must get some of his influence from the band, and ironically he has a very similar tone in his voice to Dave Wyndorf.  Magnet possess a retro sound without dating themselves and like on past releases, this one sticks to what they know how to do.  “On the Verge” followed by “Unbroken” are straight ahead rockers while “Radiation Day” starts off with an almost Sabbath like riff to this darker song and the Sabbath is even more prevalent in its breakdown. 

Lyrically they write about issues of the day, approaching it in a trippy sense how words work together, while keeping it fun with the trademarks of rock n roll, including sex and drugs.  Along with their standards they include a good amount of guitar work in each song and usually include a solo. 

“The Right Stuff”, a cover tune, utilizes some effects of the vocals distorting them a bit and gives it that 70’s feel.   I found “Ultimate Everything” to be one of the fillers, with its distorted guitars and reverb it lumbers along and becomes boring a bit. 

Monster Magnet add variety to Hard Rock and I would recommend checking this out even if you are not into this type of sound, just something to add to your palate. 

The CD/DVD edition includes two bonus tracks, 'Venus In Furs' & 'King Of Mars 2004' & a bonus DVD with four tracks, 'Unbroken (Hotel Baby)' (uncensored video), 'The Right Stuff' (exclusive full-length video), two live bootleg tracks from a December 2003 show at the London Astoria, & an interview.

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