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U.D.O. – Thunderball

Label: AFM Records
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Just so you know, Accept broke up, but never then again never really did because the sound and style of that name has seen a continued existence under their frontman Udo’s namesake. The band U.D.O. has been making music since 1988 and have released ten records to date, all done in the spirit of Accept. Also, for some time former Accept drummer Stefan Kaufman played guitars for Udo and the guitar sound is no different than Accept. How can one complain?


“Thunderball” continues in this tradition sounding like a cross between “Metal Heart” and “Balls to the Walls” records.  “Pull the Trigger” and “Fistful of Anger” will definitely bring your ears to a familiar place, hell, all the tracks will.    “The Land of the Midnight Sun” is a tuneful one with a spirited chorus and solo and has a German feel to this semi ballad. 

A ballady tune called “Trainride to Russia” will throw some off, very influenced by Russian folk music with its choice of instrumentation, sung in the native language with the chorus in English.  “Bullet and the Bomb” follows and brings things back reality with its swing and crunch to this foot stomper.   

On a whole it’s a great record and one of the stronger in their catalog, pick this one up you will be pleased.  While your at it other notables to mention are “Timebomb”, “Solid”, “Holy”, and “No Limits”. 

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