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Cattle Decapitation - Humanure

Label: Metal Blade Records
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Pendragon

Hmmm, when looking at this Cd cover I can't decide if I want have a hamburger or veggie burger for dinner tonight?

After hearing the sounds of a poor defenseless cow mooing opening up the disc, the brutality the ensues clearly explains why the cow on the Cd booklet is shitting his brains out, as well as humans'. 


The message of pro animal rites is all over their blood soaked lyrics in a vicious blend of Grindcore Death Metal.  You have to follow the words in the booklet to understand what they are trying to get accross because you will never hear it in the vocals.  Barking and yelling is a part of the genre so expect nothing different from Cattle Decap.   The music behind the message varies the blast beating and is not too brutal, the vocals, another story.   Throughout a standard Death battery of riffing and bits of technical soloing is sprinkled breaking up the monatony.  

Song for song it lacks variety, its a constant sound and gets very repetitive, plenty of musicianship to acredit them and would benefit from some grooves.  "Applied Human Defragmentation" sees a nice amount of complexity, varied speeds and flow. 

Really this has all been done before by better.  If the artwork won't get your attention the lyrics sure will make you think twice about the juicy burger. 

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