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Heathen - Recovered

Label:Relentless Records
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Heathen released two albums, one in the 80's one in the early 90's, a band to rise from the second wave of the Bay Area Thrash sound, Heathen's style was characterized by high-speed riffage and harmony sections coupled with melodic singing.

After many years of not hearing a thing from the band, or even its name, we get a new Cd conprised of some cover songs and some new tracks.

The cover song choices are of Metal's influences from classic Hard Rock like "Death on Two Legs" from Queen, "The Holy War" from Thin Lizzy, "Hellbound" by Tygers of Pang Tang, and "Eye of the Storm" from Sweet Savage. The latter two tracks have a nice punch to them seeing where Heathen originally got their sound from when they started. The other covers are done very well and true to the originals.

The new tracks come from the "Opiate of the Masses" demo with "Hypnotized" starting off sounding so much like a Megadeth arrangement from Peace Sells meets Death Angel. It's got a great groove and is very Bay Area.

Heathen have recovered themselves, getting back into the groove of things by cleaning up what was left of their past while looking toward the future.
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