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Iron Savior - Battering Ram

Label: Noise Records
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

At one time Iron Savior was like a second home for Gamma Ray mainman Kai Hansen, and even after his departure his influence has obviously left its mark.   "Tyranny of Steel" is right out of the Gamma Ray handbook, just listen to those guitar harmonies.  Even though similaritites to a Hansen arrangement is obvious its really good stuff, highly influenced by him but not a direct rip off.  What keeps Iron Savior's music different from others in the Power Metal genre in the vocals of Piet Sielck.  He has a very distinctive voice which is clear and slightly ruff, combined with the upbeat and energetic style of Power Metal makes for some great music.


Even their chorus harmonies have a distinctive quality to them helping to make Iron Savior a little different than the rest. Primal Fear/Sinner fans will surely enjoy the way "Break the Curse" and "Starchaser" hits, solid and mid paced, definate headbangers with a traditional swing. "Machine World" draws many similarities to Judas Priest in those riffs, kinda sounds like something from "Ram It Down" oddly enough, as far as my choice for the particular Priest album. A good tune none the less.

This is their fifth offering and maybe their strongest along with "Dark Assault" (the last to feature Kai). Also another note, Piet also has produced for Blind Guardian and Saxon so he is no slouch when it comes to his Metal. That should be enough insentive to pick up this latest CD.

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