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Feinstein - Third Wish

Label: SPV
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

A little background before I start, guitarist David Feinstein comes from a band called the Rods from the 80's as well as playing guitar for his cousin Ronnie James Dio's first band Elf.   At the mic is one of the best voices out there today, John West from Royal Hunt, an underrated ProgMetal band.  With a Joe Lynn Turner tone John has adapted well into the traditional heavy metal sounds of Feinstein.  John also cowrote all the tunes which probably explains how the fantasy based lyrics were not over worked especially given the CD cover artwork. 

A touch of the European Power Metal style can be found on the opener "Regeneration" with "Rebelution" and "Streaming Star", as with the whole album, seeing more in common with Metals in the early 80's and the NWOBHM.

"Third Wish" lets John's voice shine for a bit in the opening verse followed by a very Manowarish rhythm section, even the solo and bass lines brings me to the loin cloth a bit. O, did I mention that Joey Demaio was executive producer, that explains my last sentence. The song on a whole climbs and descends like a mountain for both the arrangement and Johns fantastic vocals. Is this a Saxon riff on "Masquerade" or what?

Feinstein (bad name though) while following in the footasteps of Heavy Metal's forefathers, writes for all the old schoolers looking for a Dio, Rainbow, or Manowar for today.

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