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Metal Church - The Weight of the World

Label: Steamhammer
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

I know most would complain when a band changes voices for a third time, I know I do, and probably find it taking the band's sound further away from what they are, but sometimes you can't be that critical as long as you are still getting quality music.  Case in point with the new Metal Church. 


As you listen to new singer Ronny Munroe throughout the disc, he is a little bit of both former Metal Church alumnists David Wayne and Mike Howe.   He incorporates both their sounds into the songs at different times all depending on how he annunciates the words.  I even hear some Blaze Bailey especially on "Madman's Overture" which brings me to another interesting point. 

The guitar sound we are all familiar with is still present, its an excellent mix of American Speed/Power/Traditional Metal Metal Church style.  A new element which is so obvious is the Iron Maidenisms in the guitar leads and solos.  I mean there are times when I swore Dave Murray was playing the guitar solo, its almost, and I quote Mark Groman from BW&BK magazine, "apeish".   Listen to "Cradle to Grave" and tell me thats not Maiden right down to the "Wo's".   The music this time around is heavy but closer to what they were writing when Mike Howe was in the band.   Not as abbrasive and more traditional, less speed behind it. 

Even though it is another face behind the mic give it a chance because its a good record, Metal Church has stayed true to what they are. 

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