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Scorpions - Unbreakable

Label: Sanctuary Records
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

After a rather long creative slump (who really wants to remember "Eye to Eye" or "Pure Instinct"?) as far as studio work, the Scorps have recaptured their classic hard rock/metal sound.   "Unbreakable" could have almost been released around the time "Lovedrive" and "Animal Magnitism" came out in 1980-81.  The tracks "Love Em or Leave Em" and "Someday is Now" should bring you back in time instantly.  


Really, they have almost time traveled to that traditional sound which made them household names over twenty years ago.  Opener "New Generation", while not the most exciting song, will still satisfy.   I listened to the whole record without finding a song I wanted to skip. 

The classic formula where Rudolf Schenker and Matthias lay the ground work with riffs adding the melodic leads to accompany each arrangement is constant throughout. "Blood Too Hot" is a heavy rocker reminiscent of the guitars to "Blackout", with an ending that even recalls their more moody work from the 70's. The unmistakeable Scorpion's chorus is found in "My City My Town", a melodic chorus driven mid tempo rocker. Matthias even returns with the guitar talk box guitar solo for a track.

Over their 30 year career, within the past ten years seeing three studio records, one acoustic, one with an orchestra, "Unbreakable" is a fitting title and a very good return to form release. Definately a disc that will see repeated spins on my stereo.

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