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Dream Evil - The Book of Heavy Metal

Label:Century Media
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Here is where Dream Evil has lost me a little, and that’s not good because they are one of the newer bands I really enjoy. 

I love guitarist Gus G and find him one of the best young players out there, with a style very traditional in nature while looking toward the future.  The first two Dream Evil releases where rather good, and even had a couple tunes (Chasing the Dragon off their self titled) that were destined for American radio. 


On “The Book of Heavy Metal”, the lyrical content at times has become too cliché and silly, I mean really, “Don’t need no flashy house, no car or ugly wife.”  What’s that all about?   I am all for writing lyrics that are very Metal in its nature, but these are just sooo 80’s at times.  “Lets Make Rock” is not bad, not so over the top, very traditional and even sounds like it could be playing on the L.A. Sunset Strip in the 80’s. 

Musically they have followed the formula established from the first two albums while not repeating itself.  Each song here does find a place for a hook as they always have which is very good.  Guitars are in your face and Gus SHREDS, Snowy Shaw satisfies all your drummers with plenty of fills, and the rhythm section is very crunchy.   This album reminds me so much of a Dio album circa “The Last in Line” and “Sacred Heart”.  Even singer Niklas Isfeldt has a voice that will please all you Ronnie fans, which should be anyone who calls themselves a Metalhead. 

Now you ask how I have something negative to point out?  Well, its those lyrics that are just too Heavy Metal if you can believe it.   At times it’s like mixing oil and vinegar with these songs, the words and music don’t mix. 

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