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Susperia – Unlimited

Label: Candlelight USA
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Thrash Metal forged for the modern age! 

Susperia have found a perfect way to blend the ways of traditional Thrash with the dark elements of today’s Black Metal sound, and even a little bit of a Progressive touch.   Take Testament, Dimmu Borgir, even maybe Evergrey, stick em in a blender and you get something “Unlimited”.


“Chemistry” is exactly what this release is all about.  A wall of machine gun riffs fill the arrangements, sprinkles of double bass are found among the building shaken drums, and all around power is soaked into each tune.  Throughout, grooves are not compensated for sheer heaviness which is what makes this such a strong and solid collection. 

The band also have a particular guitar composition that has been used on their previous releases, where the piece is peaceful, short, then your are hit with the metal.  A fine example of this is “Devil May Care”, which not only shows this, but also progressive elements very similar to an Evergrey composition, especially from “The Inner Circle”.  Even the vocals have a somber tone, very good stuff, a side that does not sound out of place at all for Susperia. 

“Beast By Design” and “Off the Grid” is where they hit the nail on the head and the thrash metal delivers full speed, piledriver guitars lead the pace, changing its form at times, keeping it interesting, complete with a good old fashioned solo.   “Home Sweet Hell” is the most melodic song and a good track to listen to if you are not a kin to the heavier stuff. 

This is a great release showing how and what Thrash has grown into and one of the strongest releases of 2004. 

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