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Sebastian Bach - Forever Wild

Label: Eagle Rock Ent.
Format: DVD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

May I pose this question...Who needs more help here...Skid Row on how to write a good record, or, Sebastian Bach on how to make an interesting DVD? Actually I can't fault Bas entirely for the whole DVD because the VH1 show was written by the channel so both are at fault for that segment. No,
seriously, this first DVD by the former Skid Row singer is not that exciting.  First we get all the footage from his VH1 show Forever Wild,
which is inter cut with footage of him performing Live with his solo band. The Live footage was shot in L.A., and features a backing band that had the
clown on guitars with the bald spot and mullet plus the outfit with the green wings, What?, boy did he look ridiculous, and he can't play either.

I was not a fan of this period is Bas' career and judging by the live performance further enforces my thoughts.  The band are just blasting through each tune as fast as they can, don't they know that just because its faster that does not make it more Metal, actually makes it more Punk rock and sloppy, hmm. Some of the other footage included for the VH1 show is the
band rehearsing in the Bach's house with Paul Crook on guitars, now footage with that lineup Live is much better, better yet when Al Pitrelli (Savatage/Megadeth) was also in the band. Needless to say the "Bach in the Basement" stuff, not that interesting or funny, comes off too scripted."Hanging with Ted Nugent" is rather fun given the guest at hand.  There is
also his visit to Drea De Matteo's (from the HBO show the Sopranos) RocknRoll shop in NYC, where we get a tour of her clothing store which is kinda cool, plus she's a cutie.  Even the footage of him standing in a pool of alligators falls flat.

I definitely expected more, both artistically and musically from a talent as himself. He is an entertaining character and very Metal at that, but in the situations at hand its too much Bas without a good playground to work with.
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