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Destruction – Live Discharge 20 Years of Destruction

Label: Nuclear Blast
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

The Butcher strikes back and with twenty years to back him up.   German Thrash legends Destruction capture the music of their career over the course of three shows, with clips from two festivals; Wacken Open Air and With Full Force.   All the live concert footage is pro shot with fantastic audio, also included is backstage activities and such.  The Wacken show even includes the screwed up version of “Bestial Invasion” where the guitar amp goes out and bass player Schmier has to entertain 30,000 people for a few minutes while the sound is fixed, its all in there.   


Plenty of classic tracks are included like “The Butcher”, “Release from Agony”, “Life Without Sense”, Tormentor”, and my fav that has frontman Schmier’s squeal “Invincible Force” all from their recent tour for the album “Metal Discharge”.  Also included are the video clips for “The Ravenous Beast” and “Metal Discharge”, other Llve tunes, an interview, and some footage from them playing in the 80’s.  

It’s all very well done with a nice animated menu, a thorough documentation that sums up the frantic class of Destruction.

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