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Fear Factory – Archetype

Label: Liquid Records
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

The Fear Factory machine continues to forge metal in their own fashion with “Archetype”.  Guitars and drums run in synch forming a wall of sound like a battery of machine gunning.


Opener “Slave Labor” followed by “Cyberwaste” will show long time fans things have not changed.  Since their start Fear Factory had a distinctive guitar and drum delivery along with the trademark vocal quality and approach towards singing the melodies that are very distinctive unto themselves.   What I mean is Fear Factory formulate a consistent approach to songs, with guitars setting the pace backed by the pounding drums.  Listen to “Drones” where keyboards are added to the overall persistent beats.  A factory feel is definitely in their music, where gears and pistons work together moving the machine at a persistent pace. 

I have always found some of the riffing and delivery to their songs strong, though as an album of music, Fear Factory serve more as an example of sound for me.   “Bite the Hand that Bleeds You” does present more of a chorus with its moody verses and clear vocals. 

Fear Factory is a long running piece of equipment that has always done their own thing maintaining a consistent sound and style.

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