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Kotipelto – Coldness

Label: Century Media
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

With all the problems Timo Kotipelto has faced with both the demise of Stratovarius (hopefully only temporary) and his personal life, this second solo release is very reflective for the artist. What I really enjoyed about this album is that with a dark title and cover artwork, the music is the complete opposite, being bright, upbeat, and different than Stratovarius.
“Reasons” is a great single, catchy chorus, and shows Timo’s talent as a songwriter, something that was not recognized and barely used during his time in Stratovarius. Musically, Timo composes differently, more so on this release, than what we are familiar with Stratovarius. Song structures are more straight ahead, less Euro in style like on the track “Around”.

His band consists of Mike Romeo (Symphony X), Janne Wirman (Children of Bodom) on keyboards, his Strato mate Jari on bass, and Mirka Rantanen on drums from Thunderstone. This gathering of musicians has helped Timo create music that sounds unlike where its respective musicians hail from. Janne has a distinct sound with Children of Bodom which occasionally seeps into the music adding a sort of haunting touch.

“Journey Back” features hard riffing and a keyboard and guitar solos giving an edge to a rather polished and melodic chorus. Throughout a balance is found with Timo’s voice, utilizing more of his mid range than falsetto.

Really, Timo has reared his head as a song writer and has proved that if there is another Stratovarius record he needs to get his due time because it would clearly serve beneficial.
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