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Death Angel - The Art Of Dying

Label: Nuclear Blast
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

It’s been a while since Death Angel has released an album and this return effort shows they have not lost their chemistry as well as their importance in the eyes of the media and fans. Really, ever since it has been known they were working together again they received nothing but support for their efforts.

The material on ‘The Art of Dying” (great title by the way), lives up to their past, combining the edge of their debut “Ultra Violence” with the dynamics of “Act III”. Opener “Thrown to the Wolves” will help those not familiar with the band what their style consists of. First off, for a Thrash band their sound is rather clean and not so abrasive making them more appealing to the fan of lighter alloys of Metal. The music is not too technical, relatively fast, mixed with a variety of tempo changes with vocals that are probably the most understandable and clear for this genre. “Thicker Than Blood” shows their mix of speeds and melody. “The Devil Incarnate” slows things down and is moodier as does “Famine”. “Prophecy” returns them to very a very recognizable delivery, very thrashy and all Death Angel.

These guys must have made a significant mark on the scene over the course of only three albums and this return material will satisfy long time listeners and critics alike.
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