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Loud N Nasty – Teaser Teaser

Label: Perris Records
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

What weird about the sheer sound and style of this band is, to start, its all 80’s LA Hollywood Blvd Metal, but what’s more interesting is they hail from Sweden. With loud guitars up front in the mix and big drum sounds its 1987 all over again.


Not saying that this is all bad, because done right and without overly cheesy lyrics, bands in this genre can really deliver. Song titles alone should tell you something; “If You Wanna Rock”, “Hollywood Dream”, “Play Dirty”, and “Teaser”. Someone please pass me the lipstick, Haha.

Throughout you get upbeat hard rockers and a couple ballads, what else would you expect? Its not bad stuff, very generic, but some cool riffs and kick. I would say check it out.

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