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Aerosmith - Honkin On BoBo

Label: Columbia/Sony Music
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Well Aerosmith has surely taken a turn, and not for the better, over their last few albums. An album of covers, I don’t know, an album of new material in this vein would have been better but I guess this is a start. Hopefully some of the spark from this release will carry over to the next album. Even though their more recent works has had a couple of harder tracks, overall they were way too much pop and not enough edge.

“Honkin On Bobo” compared to the last few albums seems to have more of the charisma and creativity of their past. Granted, this is a collection of bluesy rock done Aerosmith style hence “Eyesight To The Blind”, so southern, so Mississippi. Even “Baby Please Don’t Go” includes New Orleans in the lyrics. Joe Perry does lead vocals on the also female backed track “Back Back Train”, very slow and slide guitar in hand. If the blues is not your thing than most of this will go over your head. I can see the brothel now.

A return to form in the artistic sense, yes, and maybe a much needed kick they need to make a hard ass rockin Aerosmith album in the spirit of ‘Rocks” and “Draw The Line”.
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