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Evergrey – The Inner Circle

Label: Inside Out Music/SPV
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Evergrey have never set boundaries for themselves, and with “The Inner Circle” the envelope continues to open further exposing their creative scope. With a moody, almost somber introduction to “A Touch of Blessing” you are quickly hit with signature riffing and flowing rhythms. With its mellow beginning I found it an odd choice as an opener.


“Ambassador” follows with very nicely placed keyboards and leads as singer Tom brings everything together with graceful, yet dark lyrics. “In the Wake of the Weary” sees some backing female vocals which adds to the bands style, as does the inclusion of orchestral segments.

“Waking up Blind” is a little different than the norm, absent is the Prog element and in its place a stripped down bluesy type piece. As much as the boys feel they are not a progressive outfit, I do hear it occasionally sprinkled here and there, just check out the changes in “More Than Ever”. It is there and used so well it sounds great.

Limited edition includes three bonus tracks which are acoustic. “I’m Sorry” and “Recreation Day” sound just right in this medium.

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