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Manowar – Hell on Earth Part III

Label: Sony BMG Music
Format: SPV
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

The self proclaimed Kings of Metal release yet a third part to these Hell on Earth DVD’s. You would think maybe by a third volume you might run out of material? Not happening.

This installment to start includes the bands performance at The Ringfest in Germany. It’s a fantastic pro shot concert outdoors with crystal clear picture and sound. You can even hear the pops in the speakers as they push the volume level. Included are several of their classic anthems; “Manowar”, “Kings of Metal”, and “Black Wind Fire and Steel”. “Warriors of the World” and “Kill With Power” are played as one continuous experience embracing the power and spirit that is Manowar. I could have not picked two better tunes to be played in this fashion. Also included on this disc are all their videos going all the way back to the loincloth days of “Gloves of Metal” and “Blow Your Speakers”. On top of that is behind the scenes footage from various video shoots.

Disc one features a great portion dedicated to the various countries the band has played and my favorite part, clips of them playing the biggest festivals from different countries. “Heart of Steel” is such a great passionate tune and singer Eric Adams shows his heart here, just a great voice.

Sweden Rock, Dynamo, Gods of Metal, Graspop, Bang Your Head, just so many in these European countries, I’m jealous. Again it’s mostly all pro shot. These guys really give you your moneys worth with these DVD’s.
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