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TNT – My Religion

Label: Crush Records
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

The very recognizable voice of Tony Harnell and Ronnie Le Tekro on guitars return with music that long time fans will be happy to hear has not changed. One of the things that always made TNT a little different than other melodic metal bands was the contrast of the hard guitars and the very melodic vocals and chorus their songs have.
Le Tekro always wrote some cool riffs which can be heard on the solid title track along with some attitude in Tony’s vocals. Opener “Invisible Noise” sees the guitar solo having a definite Zakk Wylde sound and delivery. “Lonely Nights” was the first tune released from the cd, very melodic and geared for radio with a hook that is all 80’s, very singable.

With a total of fifteen songs I don’t think I found anything that was filler.
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