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Grip Inc. – Incorporated

Label: SPV
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Dave Lombardo, drummer for Slayer, returns with his other outfit, making more dynamic metal. Grip Inc. shares a couple similarities to Slayer in the fact speed is a factor but not so much as one would think. The difference is evident throughout for example on “The Answer” which is moody, more modern. Opener “Curse” is the familiar sound and style of the band. All around more variety can be found with different drum beats and guitar riffing.
Dave has taken the familiar sound the band established on their first two records and fine tuned it, more modern and experimental with sounds this time around. Speed is not so prominent as one would think, just check out “Prophecy”. “Endowment of Apathy”, kind of industrial, Ministryish is its rhythm patterns. “Enemy Mind” has a Mexican flavored acoustic guitars followed by Middle Eastern sounds for “Skin Trade” which kicks in nicely to speed mode. Also included a good tempo change and shredding which is what I really enjoy about the cd, all tracks has some sense of change to its flow.

Dave has not exhausted his creativity and Grip Inc. allows him to explore his drumming talents outside of the hellish speed behind Slayer.
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