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Dionysus – Anima Mundi

Label: AFM Records
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Starting off with “Divine”, this will instantly appeal to fans of traditional European Power Metal including a catchy chorus in the spirit of Helloween. Good stuff is to follow. Dionysus’s second release is not breaking any new ground for this genre though they do mix various styles which instantly appealed to me.
Each tune stands alone, seeing elements of Edguy, Scorpions on the moody tune “Bringer of War”, and even Neo Classical arrangements and guitar playing of Yngwie Malmsteen on “What”. “March for Freedom” has such a Manowar chorus without sounding like a direct rip off.

Singer Olaf Hayer has a great voice and soulful range seeing its full potential on the power ballad “Forever More” which instantly became a favorite for me. A lot of heart and emotion is felt not only through his voice but the reflective guitar leads.

Dream Theater influence also seeps into the fold for a taste of Prog without throwing everything off. There is a place for all these various sounds and they blend together seamlessly creating a consistent sound.

This is a strong second release from a band that has a lot of potential and the talent to stick around for a while.

Limited edition includes the video for “Time Will Tell” from their debut album which was also produced by Tobias Sammet (Edguy) so of course the product is going to be good.
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