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Brides of Destruction - Here Come the Brides

Label: Sanctuary Records
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Before I get started let me make one thing clear before people start saying I must not be a fan of either Motley Crue or LA Guns based on my review, because I am. This release was not on the top of my list for the year because I knew the way it was going to sound, and unfortunately I was right.

This is a side project, as well as being a collaboration between artists who come from different bands. Although Crue and Guns are similar, this product does not show much change from what they normally do in their respective bands. Music is definitely darker and punk inspired evident on the opener “Shut the Fuck Up”, still Traci Guns does a guitar solo. “I Got A Gun” is moody, maybe could have worked on the Motley release “Generation Swine”? Tracks all have a common approach being very basic and stripped down aside from some effects on the vocals which I really don’t like.

What also makes this a little different is there are no hooks that could be heard in a big arena, more of a club inspired band.

If this choice in direction was intentional than they made their point, but from how it comes across, and I ask Why?, it seems they just can’t create music outside of the genre they live in.
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