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Doro – Fur Immer

Label: Steamhammer
Format: DVD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Doro documents here lengthy career with this double disc DVD, covering both her years with Warlock and solo work. The first disc features a full concert performance along with promo videos going all the way back to the days of Warlock and classic tracks like “All We Are” and “Fight For Rock”. Both the Live concert and the quality of the promo videos is very good sporting solid colors and resolutions, everything is pro shot.

Disc two features plenty of behind the scenes footage that is a mix of bootleg footage and pro shots and various Live performance clips. Along with her duet with Lemmy on one of her own tracks and a snipit of “Born to Raise Hell”, there is even a performance she did of the Rainbow classic ‘Man on the Silver Mountain” with the backing band being Mago De Oz. With that you get behind the scenes footage and clips from festivals like Wacken and Bang Your Head, basically rubbing it in for us Americans who don’t get those kinds of shows, and lineups for that matter in the states. Recording studio albums, singing the national anthem, signing autographs, and hanging with her peers, it’s all here.

The spirit Doro embodies is captured throughout backed with a passionate voice. You can see it on her face all the time that eats, sleeps and breathes METAL!
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