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Tarot – Suffer Our Pleasures

Label: Metal Blade
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

If you remember the Skid Row barely recognized “Subhuman Race” and maybe the tune “Beat Yourself Blind”, you should get a little of that feel with the lead off track “I Rule” which has a familiar chorus and vocal sound to Sebastian Bach. I compare the sound of Tarot to that of that period of the Skids because they had a different approach to the music they were making.

Tarot are not Skid Row but they do have a few similarities in sound and spark I would say here, Tarot’s use of keyboards and arrangements make for the difference. “Rider of the last Day” is a moody one and even ends with some acoustics to “Follow The Blind” moving at a more angry pace. “Undead Son” maybe is a little more modern, wait, now it has changed with a little Euro Power Metal thrown in for a couple bars. “Of Time and Dust” is a temper mental piece seeing its mood reflected by the guitar leads and choice of keyboards, sort of a ballad but not totally. “From The Void” has a good chorus and arrangement change, I like this one.

Tarot have been around since the 80’s but in today they don’t appear to be.
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