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Primal Fear – Devils Ground

Label: Nuclear Blast
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

For their fifth release, Primal Fear has veered more in the direction in style towards Sinner and less in the Euro Power Metal category. I like where they have gone with this cd, and also when they mix their Priest meets Sinner musical compositions.

Starting with a title like “Metal is Forever” might seem rather cliché at this point but coming from one of the big boys in the genre I can accept it. Actually it’s rather classic Sinner in its delivery and swagger, and a good opener, detouring people from expecting the obvious from German Power metal. “Suicide and Mania” continues the crunch and punch and I guess now with Tom Naumann back on guitars is the reason why their style is not so Priestish. Even vocalist Ralf Scheepers who really can’t avoid sounding like Halford, within these tunes does not as much as past recordings.

I must say that eerily they do have arrangements that Judas Priest could take some notes from, hence why they are such a good band. “Sea of Flames” could be easily be off “Painkiller”. “Soulchaser” reminds me a lot of “Fear”(my fav off Black Sun and style of choice), with its riffing, “Wings of Desire” has an Accept vibe to its haunting riffs and melody.

The title track closes things out, but an odd choice and arrangement, being just spoken words with an ominous voice which I guess is to tell us about what Devils Ground is? Not working and is rather corny. C’mon guys you can do better!
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