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Tad Morose – Modus Vivendi

Label: Century Media
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

This is easily going to be one of favorites for the year and I have been playing the shit out of it since it was released!

Tad Morose created a collection of metal tunes that from start to finish are loaded with power and punch. Each selection has plenty of strength and momentum balanced between both the instrumentation and vocals.


All tracks are noteable crafted in traditional metal fashion focusing on the riffs and soaring vocals.

As the opener “Anubis” ascends into its eventual plummet like a roller coaster followed by “No Mercy”, the feeling of a ride is clear. “Clearly Insane”, as with my fav the catchy hook based “Take On The World” grabs you instantly not only with its delivery but in arrangement. Both the bridge and chorus I remembered rather quickly.

Singer Urban Breed has one of the strongest tones around and reminds me so much of one of the greatest voices/writers in metal Blackie Lawless(W.A.S.P.).

“Cyberdome” is more moody, less “go for the throat”, a piece that fits into the rides foundation. Their influences are all over the “Unwelcome Guest” which has a riff Savatage should take a lesson from!

This domestic version also contains three bonus cover tunes, one being “Knowing Me Knowing You” by Abba. Yes it may seem like an odd choice but Abba does have some good harmonies and I see why one of their songs would be covered.

Would someone put this band on a bill with some solid bands for the states!

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