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Thunderstone – The Burning

Label: Nuclear Blast
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

What a great way to start off with a punchy heavy riff for the lead off track and first single “Until We Touch the Morning Sun”. I really like these guys, with the like Sonata Arctica, and find them one of the great new bands on the scene. They have a lot of similarities to Stratovarius which are very obvious on “Break the Emotion”, though this second release is not so much as their debut. Their Strato influence is worn on their sleeves, but Thunderstone has grittier vocals and guitars with less emphasis on the orchestrations. They have a knack for writing melodious versus’ backed by power chords and an up beat chorus for “Mirror Never Lies”.

“Tin Star Man” is your typical fast passed Euro Power Metal, nothing too special, unfortunately most of these kinds of songs all sound the same across the board. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of these that are done by the pioneers and fantastic, but in the type of arrangement things are redundant.

“Spire” and “Forth Into The Black” are the zone I feel that works best for them, very much like their first albums single “Virus”. “Drawn to the Flame” features guitar work by Symphony X wizard Mike Romeo and one of the heavier songs.

A nice follow up which shows proper growth in small steps while maintaining a consistent sound.
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