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Attacker – Soul Taker

Label: Iron Glory Records
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

After a many year absence from making music together, New Jersey’s answer to classic Heavy Metal, Attacker return for another go round. For those unfamiliar with their sound I would compare them to Omen, Iron Maiden, early Fates Warning at times and Jag Panzer.

The guys are rejoined by singer Bob Mitchell who has maintained his vocal sound and high pitch screams. His voice does take a little getting used to because he mostly works within a higher range.

“The End” and “Forgotten” get the cd going followed by “Sleepy Hollow” which I thought would have been longer based on the topic at hand. Rhythms and guitars are very traditional following a mid pacing flow with many solos and harmonies.

The title track is a standout with its arrangements and harmonizing leads, very old school. Classic 80’s speed metal is what “The Conquerors” is all about without sounding dated.

It appears Attacker have returned and not lost their edge over their many year sleep.
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