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Symphorce - Twice Second

Label: Metal Blade
Format: CD
Released: 2004
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

From Germany, this their fourth release, Symphorce and Brainstorm have the common thread with singer Andy Franck. There are similarities between the two with both creating a mix of Power and Prog metal but what separates the two is the more modern sounds and guitar riffs to Symphorce which can be heard on tracks like “Tears” and “Whatever Hate Provides”. “Cause of Laughter” even starts off with a Korn like riff and then moves into a modern rhythm pattern, a quality not heard in Brainstorm’s traditional arrangements. Even though I do no prefer modern sounds, with a fantastic voice at the mic and true metal guitars, the song works for me.

On a more moody side, ‘Take What’s Mine” has verse breakdowns that change to the heavier bridge and chorus accompanied by almost haunting keyboards.

“Face the Pain” starts of kickin with fast guitars and has a more traditional approach, but then has a little change to modern riffing. Their ability to mix European and modern Americanized sounds is an interesting quality that works for Symphorce and makes them different from others in this branch of the Power Metal genre (heavier sounding bands like Morgana Lefay, Rage, Tad Morose).
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