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Firewind – Burning Earth

Label: Massacre Records
Format: CD
Released: 2003
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

This sophomore release by young gun guitarist Gus G(who also plays guitar for Dream Evil), retains the debuts sound and style though the energy has been turned up a bit. Interestingly, five different countries were used in the recording and production which clearly had its benefits.

Before you ask, NO, Firewind does not sound like Dream Evil.

The first single and video “I Am the Anger”, which should have also been the discs opener, hits the listener with catchy riffs, fast licks, and all around metal power. Gus’s playing for both Firewind and Dream Evil is clearly distinct with Firewind’s arrangements a little more aggressive and mixed with Euro Power Metal (Gamma Ray) in its arrangements. Vocals hit with a little grit and smooth melody that accentuates designated parts of each song, evident on “Immortal Lives Young”.

The instrumental “The Fire and the Fury” captures what Gus is all about, SHREDDING, though don’t think that it does not include technique and soul because its all there. “You Have Survived” has an interesting ominous guitar lick prior to the solo and closing the track with an anthem like chorus. “Waiting Sill” grabbed my ear rather quickly with its punchy rhythm and riffing. The ballad “The Longest Day” follows which with a whole album of rockers it would have maybe fit better somewhere else.

Special edition also includes the video track for “I Am the Anger”.
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