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Hammerfall – One Crimson Night & Crimson Thunder

Label: Nuclear Blast USA
Format: DVD / CD / CD
Released: 2003 / 2002
Reviewed By: Rich Catino

Hammerfall rightfully document their current Crimson Thunder Tour with this live concert CD and DVD. Since their arrival on the scene in the mid 90’s they have made a significant mark with four albums under their belts and now seen as a classic by many their debut "Glory to the Brave". Captured is the spirit and energy the members possess on stage as well as the essence of the anthem filled songs. “Let the Hammer Fall”, “Templars of Steel”, “Legacy of Kings”, and “Heeding the Call” are among the many that crowds around the world sing back to the band on any given night.

“Crimson Thunder” is so strong as a live representation and the vocals harmonies are dead on.

Tracks span two discs on the CD and the DVD includes well shot concert footage and plenty of extras. The sound and picture quality is crystal clear.


I recommend this release to not only the Hammerfallheads out there, but the doubters as well who don’t realize that Hammerfall are on the A list of bands in this genre, and not every song is fast paced and double based.

Hammerfall - Crimson Thunder

Hammerfall start off their fourth album with the crunch and punch of "Riders of the Storm" in a very traditional classic metal fashion. These Swdes have a winning combination of Accept style guitars with Maiden like harmonies carried by Helloween double bass speeds and Manowar lyrics about dragons and steel and of course hammers. Joacim Cans is a traditional metal vocalist, graceful and ballsy always carrying a note. They have written another metal anthem with "Hearts on Fire" most likely to be sung by the crowds at all the European festivals. Hammerfall always writing optimistic lyrics of perseverance, strength, and unity. CD cover has a comic book style showcasing a clash between the bands mascot and a formidable foe. Colors are bright and vibrant reflecting the artwork as well as the music. A cover of the Yngwie Malmsteen classic "Rising Force", Hammerfall drummer Anders was once is the band, is seasoned by Hammerfall's style, giving the tune new life and kicking much ass. Why have American metal fans not caught on?

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